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Senators oppose foreign security company in Afghan war

AT-KABUL: Members of senate oppose the handing over of the Afghan war to a US private security company, saying that the war privatization would not be a resolve for Afghan problems, but would create more problems and new crisis.

The US war in Afghanistan is intensifying day after day, and the US government plans to give the war to the notorious private company of Blackwater, according to reports.

The senators argued that handing the war fate to Blackwater would change Afghanistan to another Syria and Iraq and war would continue for another half century.

They said Sunday that the bilateral security agreement signed between the governments of Afghanistan and the United States did not have any article regarding the privatization of the war and handing it to the Blackwater.

They asked the Afghan-Pakistani religious scholars’ meeting slated to be held in Islamabad to forbid the Afghan war and Pakistan should fulfill its commitments about Afghanistan.

The senators also asked questions from head of water supply department amid the unprecedented drought.

Soltan Mahmoud Mohammadi, head of water supply department said that the country’s underground waters have seen a 62 per cent decrease comparing last year because of the climate change and reduction of rainfall.

He added that 70 per cent of water in the capital was polluted.

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