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Some senators pay for identity cards

AT-KABUL: A number of senators claimed Sunday that some lawmakers were buying people’s national ID cards (give them money to get their ID cards’ copies), an attempt to gather more support in the October legislative election.

The senators condemn the move, calling it misuse of the people’s poverty. The senators warned the election would be at the hands of a mafia group if the deal on the ID cards was not stopped.

Deputy head of senate, Alam Izadyar, asked the government to prevent the deal as well as prolong the voter registration process.

“We are seriously requesting the government to prevent the deal regarding the ID cards because it will be dangerous in the future. We also ask the election commission to prolong the date of the voter registration process,” Izadyar said.

Gul Ahmad Azimi, member of senate, said the misuse of the people’s ID cards is mostly in the rural areas. “The main challenge is insecurity especially in the remote areas, where the mafia groups that are against democracy, give money to the villagers to get the copies of their ID cards. Both those who sell the copies of their ID cards and those who buy them are not patriotic people,” said Azimi.

Golalai Akbari, another member of senate said that the deal on the ID cards takes the election commission’s independence under question and portrait a weak imagine of the commission.

The concerns are expressed just after the voter registration process kicked off in the districts of the provinces.

Interior ministry spokesman, NajibDanesh said that police were ready to prevent such deals and arrest the culprits.

“All the police sections have received order to arrest persons who give money to people for getting the copies of their ID cards.

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