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Senators slam intra-Afghan meeting for praising Taliban attacks ‘jihad’

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KABUL: The members of senate strongly criticized a joint resolution released by the Taliban-Afghan politicians after their two-day meeting in Qatar called as intra-Afghan dialogue for calling Taliban’s war as “jihad”.

The senators in their Tuesday session rejected parts of the resolution as the constitution.

Some 70 politicians, civil society activists and women representatives met with representatives of Taliban for the third round of the intra-Afghan dialogue co-sponsored by Germany and Qatar and the Qatari capital. A resolution released after the second day of the meeting, reads that Taliban would reduce attacks on civilians. An article of the resolution reads Taliban’s 18-year long war against security forces and civilians as “jihad”, which sparked a reaction in the senate.
The senators rejected this as opposing the constitution, with senate speaker, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar saying that the jihad ended after the withdrawal of Soviet troops (1989) and any war after that was not jihad. “They need to realize that the real mujahideen (holy warriors) are security forces, not Taliban fighters who claim the live of civilians by terrorist attacks,” Muslimyar said.
He urged that the resolution was not acceptable by Afghans in any means, addressing Taliban to abandon killing of civilians because they would certainly sit for a face to face meeting with the government.
Senator, Mohammad Akbari, called the constitution as best one and most Islamic of all constitutions in the Islamic states, expressing surprise for the Qatar meeting demand for an Islamic system.
Akbari also rejected the resolution as against the constitution, saying that the people of Afghanistan fully support the constitution.

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