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Senators stand against fencing Durand Line

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Meshrano Jirga—Upper House of Parliament has summoned the officials of Ministry of Defense, Interior, National Security Council and other relevant institutions to brief them on challenges along Durand Line posed by Pakistan, particularly unilaterally fencing the so-called Durand Line.

Senators were of the opinion that Pakistan has been unilaterally engaged in fencing the Durand Line which is an unsubtle intervention, violating sovereignty territorial integrity of Afghanistan, but the government has yet to take required measures to prevent Pakistan’s aggression.

“The Durand Line has become a cancerous wound. As long as we fail in prioritizing our national interests and historic rights, we cannot solve the Durand issue,” said Senator Gul Ahmad Azami.

“Fencing the so-called Durand Line by Pakistan is an obvious violation to our sovereignty and territorial integrity. We must have to put an end to the Pakistan’s aggression,” said Senator Gulalay Akbari.

In the meantime, the interior minister disclosed that the Afghan government has repeatedly warned Pakistan to stop unilaterally fencing the Durand Line and military installations along the line, but the country has yet to address the warning.

We have repeatedly asked Pakistan to stop border interventions, the interior minister, Barmak said, adding that Pakistan did nothing to resolve the issue.

“Fencing by Pakistan is not the solution for preventing terrorist activities. The terrorist safe hideouts should be targeted. The Durand Line issue should be solved which is a big challenge,” he added.

Moreover, the deputy minister of defense, Hellaluddin Helal said, “Pakistan has been trying to strengthen its military position by fencing the Durand Line. The Afghan government is ready to put all efforts on card to resolve the issue, as per desires of the Afghan people and historic rights of Afghanistan.”

This comes at a time when the officials of foreign ministry and Security Council Adviser who have been summoned for accountability, did not attend the today’s session of Meshrano Jirga which sparked senators’ criticisms.

Some months back, Vice President (VP) of European Parliament (EP) urged the United States and other Western countries to revisit the so-called Durand Line to end Pakistan’s terror policies and establish durable peace and stability in the region and around the world. The realistic approach by the VP of EP was highly commended and warmly welcomed by the Afghan and Baloch people on both sides of the Durand Line.


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