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Senior Taliban official calls for reopening schools for girls


Kabul: Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, the Taliban deputy foreign minister, emphasized that girls’ schools in the country should be reopened as soon as possible.

Stanekzai said in a meeting held on the occasion of “International Tourism Day” that education should be provided to men and women in the country as soon as possible.

He stressed that the new head of the Ministry of Education should reopen schools above the sixth grade for girls, because the progress of the country depends on education.

Stankzai pointed out that discrimination in the education of boys and girls is not acceptable and should be put to an end.

Political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: If we want to ensure justice and national unity, we must make the field of education equally favorable for men and women.

Based on his statements; blocking the doors of girls’ schools have no place in Sharia law, and obstacles and technical problems must be removed as soon as possible.

Stankzai pointed out that continuing blockade of the school gates of girls’ will alienate the nation from the system.

In another part of his speech, the Political Deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in response to the words of Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif that we will not allow anyone to speak against the Islamic Emirate and Afghanistan territorial integrity.

He also called the patrolling of American drones in the airspace of Afghanistan a clear violation of international laws.

The political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized on ensuring national unity and strengthening the economic system in the country and said that the problems of 40 years of war cannot be solved in a short period of time.

He also asked the country’s investors to invest in the country to get out of the economic problems.

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