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The Sense of Justice and Compassion

Liu Jinsong; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

I have been in Afghanistan for four months, and carried out a few heart-warming activities to promote the livelihood of the Afghan people, including providing emergency food and shelters assistance for those who were suffering from snowstorms, helping Afghan children with Congenital Heart Disease to get successful surgeries in China, providing living and teaching materials for residents of the Chari-Kamba refugee camp in Kabul, donating textbooks and teaching equipment to the Maralai Girls High School and the China-Afghanistan Friendship School. Every time, I can feel the tremors of my soul as well as voices of the Chinese and Afghan people, and deem all these activities are meaningful.

On April 26th, the Chinese Embassy donated some teaching equipment and books to the Shamsa Children’s Village (SCV). This is a good deed that the Embassy and SCV, in particular Madam Maryam Gailani, have planned for a long time. I have put special attention and efforts to the activity, and the children’s exhilaration also inspired me a lot.

My father is an orphan. His parents, namely my grandparents, lost lives in the war. At that time, my father was still in swaddling clothes and then can only grew up by getting supply from surrounding people.

My father repeatedly told me that, being an orphan is an misfortune, but the good fortune out of that is to be taken care by many well-wishers. Most importantly, when he was 8 years old, the People’s Republic of China was founded. Since then, the country has entered into the era of peace-building. The Chinese Communist Party and the people’s governments in all levels have propped up clear sky for orphans, and my parent benefited from it. Otherwise, he would have no chance to go to school, become a respected doctor and enjoy his happy family. And of course, I could not be here in that case.

As a son of an orphan, I can feel the situation of Afghan orphans, and would like to pay my respect to those friends and institutions that are helping orphans. When I was a child, there was a popular song with the lyrics like that, in the world only mama’s dear, child having mama’s like a treasure, close to mama’s bosom, how happy you can’t tell; in the world only mama’s dear, child without mama like a straw, away from mama’s bosom, happiness no where to find. The song is heart broke and makes people tear. Fortunately, the teachers and donors of SCV stood out during the most difficult time of the kids, and behave as mama for the 130 kids. It gives the kids happiness of childhood, foster their healthy physique and will, and make them grow up as ones beneficial to the society. This is an undertaking of boundless beneficence.

There are also orphans in China. We attached great importance to protect this special vulnerable group. The Chinese government issued specific documents, deployed specialized staffs and facilities for them. The minimum standard for the orphan’s basic living standard should be no less than the local average living standard, and all orphans should be taken into the basic citizen medical insurance scheme, and special helps will be offered for the orphans’ employment and housing. The Chinese government also funds the pre-school education and compulsory education for the orphans, and universities will also offer work-study program for them.

In order to endow the orphans with the warmth of family, the Chinese government has taken multi-pronged measures, such as raising orphans by relatives and institutions, entrusted to home-care or adopted. With the aim of providing orphans with living space and guaranteed life, as well as the same happiness and dignified childhood as other children, we tried to create an atmosphere in which the whole society cares orphans, guide social forces to widely carry out orphan relief activities by charity donations, implementing public welfare projects, providing services and other actions.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping recently said with affection, that the world we live in is full of hopes and challenges. The Chinese people have always had the sense of justice and compassion, and tried to connect their destiny closely to that of the people around the world. The Chinese people are always ready to do their utmost to contribute to the peace and development of humanity.

The long-lasting war is the cause for the severe orphan problem in Afghanistan. The situation is still going on and new orphans appear almost every day. As a good neighbor, good friend, and good partner of Afghanistan, as well as a member of the community with a shared future for mankind, the Chinese people feels heartbroken just like the Afghan people. All what the Chinese Embassy has done manifested the sense of justice and sympathy of the Chinese People, and also the international extension of the Chinese people’s humanitarian spirit of relieving orphans and traditional virtues of mutual assistance.

I believe that the most important justice is to strive for and maintain peace, the most substantive sympathy is to alleviate sufferings of those who suffers. From an overall perspective, our love is to help Afghanistan to restore peace, achieve reconciliation and national reconstruction, make the children no longer lose their parents and relatives, go to school and play happily. From a specific perspective, our love is to provide help for orphans, refugees, and other vulnerable groups in Afghanistan within our ability, such as proving winter clothes, blankets, coal, books, stationery and solar water systems.

We hope that the SCV will be a happy land for children and a symbol of friendship between China and Afghanistan. We also hope that the efforts of the Chinese Embassy will encourage more caring people to think about the future of Afghan children and devote themselves to this noble cause of peace and charity.

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