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Several Afghans on Germany’s evacuation list have died


Kabul: Thirty-two people who helped German armed forces during their mission in Afghanistan or were otherwise endangered have died while waiting to be taken to Germany following the Taliban takeover in August 2021, according to German media.

The information was given in response to a question by Left Party parliamentarian Clara Bünger, with German news magazine Der Spiegel reporting first on the matter.

According to the list provided in response to the question, 15 of the Afghans concerned died a natural death or in an accident. However, nine died in violent incidents, including one local helper killed during an attack on a mosque by the terrorist group the list says.

The cause of seven of the deaths remained unclear, the information provided by the government said. However, according to the government, none of the deaths was visibly connected to anyone’s activities in helping German forces. The German Bundeswehr formed part of a 20-year US-led military mission in Afghanistan that came to a disorderly conclusion in July 2021. The government says it has arranged to take in more than 36,000 former local support staff and other endangered Afghans, including journalists and human rights activists, together with their approved family members over the past 15 months.

However, Bünger called the situation a “disaster,” telling Spiegel that the government had criminally failed to fetch endangered people from Afghanistan in time.

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