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Sexual allegations for asylum-seeking

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KABUL: The National Directorate of Security has brushed aside the allegation of sexual abuse cases against school students in central Logar province, saying the claims have been made by some members of the provincial civil society, who intended to seek asylum in foreign countries.

The NDS said in a statement said that head of Logar civil society, Musa Mahmoudi and his colleagues, who shared the reports of sexual abuse by the educational officials in the province, have been moved to a secure place.  

After several inquiries, NDS has found out that Mahmoudi was trying to make evidence for seeking asylum for his family.

“Several residents, including schoolchildren are facing serious security threats after the allegation have been made,” the statement added.

The statement said that such allegation affected people’s trust on educational environment and possibly deprives children from education.

But Mahmoudi’s arrest has faced serious criticism by a number of national and international human rights organizations and as well as political figures of the country.

Former President Hamid Karzai has called on the government to release Mahmoudi if its intelligence had held him hostage.

The Amnesty International organization had earlier asked in charges to release him and his colleagues and hold the perpetrators accountable.

“The authorities should praise them for their work and hold the suspected perpetrators accountable through fair trials and without recourse to the death penalty,” said Samira Hamidi, South Asia Campaigner at Amnesty International.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan Human Rights Commission has called Mohmoudi’s arrest in contrast with the constitution and norm of human rights. “We want the officials to release the activists soon and guarantee their safety and security,” the AURC said in a statement.

Speaking in a gathering, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has indirectly referred to the issue, saying that no one should harm national honor for foreign asylum.  “Judicial system should take careful acts in regards,” he added.

The Britain News Paper, Guardian has reported that over 550 schoolchildren have been victimized for sexual abuse by the school teachers and head teachers. The report arisen serious concerns among the Afghan mass. The Afghan parliament has made a delegation to investigate the issue.

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