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“Sexual favours” charge against Presidential Palace

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KABUL: In a shocking revolution now coming in against Presidential Palace where a former security advisor to President Ashraf Ghani made a big claim that women asked for sexual favours for in exchange for minister’s seats and also becoming Members of Parliament.

General Habibullah Ahmadzai has levelled the allegation during an exclusive interview with a local television network, “Khurhsid TV”.

During interview he says that there is specific circle at the Palace asking women for sexual favours in exchange for a government seats, and also went on to claim that widespread corruption exists inside Palace and certain individuals prevent others to serve the country.

He said that President Ghani regular meets some few people not more than (6), where according to him advises they are given to president did not help improve situation in Afghanistan.

He lamented over current uncertainty and also touched upon widespread corruption that widely exists inside the Palace.

However, the latest allegations against Presidential Palace by former senior advisor has sparked an uproar on social media.  

Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Nargis Nehan in a tweet message rejected such allegations.

“As a female member of cabinet in NUG, I can say with confidence that these allegations are baseless. I ask NSC @hmohib & AWN @MaryAkrami to follow up this matter. We have advocated for women political participation for decades and can’t let it be used for political rivalries.”

Furthermore, spokesman for Presidential Palace has reacted to the allegation he said that a psychological war is being waged to defame the officials and government.

Shah Hussain Murtazawi said defamation process of officials and governmental institutions is underway, claiming that political motives exist behind such attempts.

Moreover, Haroon Chakhansuri another Presidential Palace Spokesman in a press briefing on Sunday reacted to the sexual allegations, saying it is an important matter for the Palace. 

“In the past several years the National Unity Government, and especially the President Ghani respected women and worked for their rights,” he told the newsmen.

He said if there is any document regarding “women sexual favor”, must be given to the Attorney General Office for legal prosecutions.

Meanwhile, Presidential Candidates expressed their concern regarding serious allegations about women sexual favor in the Palace.

The council of presidential candidates called upon President Ashraf Ghani for clarification over organized moral corruption inside the Palace.

In a statement and council said that these allegations are serious and inquiry must have done on it.

Earlier, 12 presidential hopefuls asked Ghani to leave office, warning against “other options” if he overstays in power.

President Ghani, rejects the requests, saying that he was allowed by the Supreme Court to stay in power until a new president comes.

Abdullah Abdullah, who shares the power with the president as his Chief Executive, said recently that the constitution clarified May 22 as the last work day of president, where almost all of presidential candidates praised Abdullah’s stance as “realistic”. 
“We welcome Dr. Abdullah’s stance on the end of president’s term and restrictions on the use of government sources by the president,” said Haneef Atmar a presidential runner, who was President Ghani’s right wing and his national security adviser.

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