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Shinwar hit by deadly bomb attack; 14 dead

A car bombing in eastern Afghanistan has killed fourteen civilians, the latest in a string of deadly violence amid peace talks. What complicates the situation is that the Taliban continue to brush off responsibility as they preside over the bloodiest massacres in Afghanistan’s history

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: As many as 14 people were killed on Saturday after a car bomber ripped through a government department compound near Shinwar district of Nangarhar province, in the latest wave of terrorist attacks which have seen a steep uptick recently.

A suicide car bombing killed fifteen civilians and injured over 40 others, Nangarhar governor’s spokesman Attaullah Khogianai told Afghanistan Times. The bomb went off near Shinwar district compound at around 12:20pm.

At least fourteen people including thirteen civilians, women and children among the, and a soldier were killed in the attack which injured 42 more including 38 civilians, he said.

Shinwar is located around 35 km east of Jalalabad city.

It was a planned attack on the district headquarters, said Khogianai, which failed after security forces gunned down a small group of terrorists who were forcing their way in the compound after the explosion. Children were also among casualties.

Taliban denied involvement in the attack. They have similarly denied responsibility for many past deadly attacks. This happened against the backdrop of peace negotiations between Afghan government and Taliban since three weeks.

But the peace negotiation process is facing stagnation as both sides are at odds over a few issues of contention. Taliban are also seen ratcheting up attacks to gain leverage in the negotiating table, turning a deaf ear to pleas for ceasefire.

The consecutive roadside bombings and attacks paint a bleak picture of the situation on the ground in Afghanistan, which has been embroiled in almost constant war since 1978. Despite the peace negotiations, the Taliban continue to strike civilian and military targets, and hundreds of Afghans continue to be killed each week. Violence has escalated to epic levels, claiming more lives and dashing hopes for an end to the war.

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