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Shortage of Instructors Remain Main Problem at Public Universities: Students

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KABUL: With the government has recently decided to reopen all public universities in cold areas, the lack of sufficient instructors to run the classes remains an unsolved problem.

After a longtime lull, the Islamic Emirate reopened all public universities in cold areas on Saturday.

 “We are facing a shortage of instructors. Not our faculty but all faculties are facing this problem. The majority of our instructors have gone outside the country. We need experienced instructors,” said Rabia, a student.  

“We have studied just one hour of our five-hour class time. We don’t have instructors and we don’t know if they have left the country or been dismissed,” said Mujeeb Rahman, a student. 

The girl students who have come from the provinces complained over a lack of accommodation, saying that they have not been allowed to live in dormitories.

 “The female students living in the dormitory have been told to study in their own provinces or otherwise not come to the university.

The boys have access to a dormitory, but the girls don’t,” said Hajar, a student.  

With the Islamic Emirate swept into power, many high-profile and educated people sought to leave the country. Based on some statistics, around 270 professors teaching at public universities have left the country.

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