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SIGAR predicted Afghan air force’s collapse before US withdrawal

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KABUL: The U.S.’s watchdog for Afghanistan predicted the collapse of Afghanistan’s air force months before U.S. troops withdrew.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) revealed its findings in a report that it first issued to the Department of Defense in January 2021 but was not publicly released until last Wednesday.

According to that report, the Afghan Air Force continued to struggle with a host of issues, including leadership challenges, aircraft misuse, and a dependence on contractors for support.

“The U.S. and Afghans’ lack of focus on the non-combat support activities of the [Special Mission Wing] and [Afghan Air Force] risks the development of independent, self-sustained Afghan aviation capability,” reads the report.

“Further, the potential absence of both military advisors and contractors before the AAF and SMW are able to staff, manage, fund, or maintain their forces puts at risk the entire U.S. investment in the Afghan air forces,” it continued. 

Army Maj. Rob Lodewick, a Defense Department spokesperson, told The Hill in a statement that the department is “well aware” of the report and the issues facing the Afghan Air Force at the time.

“DoD has long-acknowledged the important role the [Afghan Air Force] had within the [Afghan National Defense and Security Forces] and its efforts/ability to secure Afghanistan, the need and importance of continued funding and maintenance, logistics and training support, and the challenges faced with continuing such support amidst a withdrawal of on-ground forces,” Lodewick said.

“The specific challenges presented by SIGAR were well known to DoD at the time of the report’s original release and were actively being addressed all the way up to the fall of Kabul,” he continued.

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