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SIGAR warns of ignoring women rights in Afghanistan


Kabul: In a new report, the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has expressed concern about the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan.

In his 56th quarterly report to the United States Congress, SIGAR pointed out the general situation in Afghanistan, especially the situation of women and girls, and said that the situation of women in Afghanistan seems to be getting worse every day.

Based on this report, more than 18 million people in Afghanistan are facing extreme hunger.

The report states: “In the past ten months, the successive orders of the Taliban show that women have been excluded from public life in Afghanistan in a way that they were deprived of under their rule from 1996 to 2001.”

The report also states that despite the fact that 6 million people in Afghanistan are facing near-famine conditions, emergency aid is likely to drop sharply by November, reaching only 8 percent of Afghanistan’s population.

Bilal Karimi deputy Spokesperson of the Taliban says: “The Islamic Emirate is committed to ensuring the rights of all citizens of the country within the framework of Islamic principles, and we have no challenges in this regard. Before the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, people were deprived of all rights; they were killed and displaced.”

This is despite the fact that various other international institutions have also expressed their concern about the bad human condition and restrictions on women and girls in the country.

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