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Single Daesh bomber hit Kabul Airport amid US rapid withdrawal

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KABUL: Alone Islamic State bomber killed carried out the attack at the Kabul airport in August, leaving over 100 Afghans dead and dozens other wounded.

At least 13 American service members were also killed in the attack that occurred on August 26 amid the chaotic evacuation of American citizens and their Afghan allies.

Addressing the reporters on Friday, US Marine General Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, said the bomb sent 5mm ball bearings ripping through a packed crowd at the airport’s Abbey Gate.

According to him, the investigation found no definitive proof of any gunfire.

“I want to acknowledge that the investigation differs from what we initially believed on the day of the attack,” McKenzie said.

But according to an investigative report published by “Alive in Afghanistan” and ProPublica, said that they found bullet signs in the bodies of the wounded and dead taken to the hospital from the attack. The Alive in Afghanistan and ProPublica said that the investigation didn’t interview the doctors based in Afghanistan.

According to the reports, the doctors treating the wounded from the attack, then at the airport, also believed that there were bullet sign in the bodies of the dead and wounded.

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