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Sitting in tents are not tolerable anymore, government must take action: Parliamentarians

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Saturday expressed deepest concerns over sit-in tents by demonstrators caused lots of traffic problems in Kabul city. They asked government to put an end before tents culture in Kabul as soon as possible.

“Demonstrators’ tents have created big problems for people, only few people are under the protest tents who are not representatives of victim families,” said Wolesi Jirga Member Wazhma Safi.

She said that demonstrators following personal demands, like Minister of Foreign Affairs, they don’t have the right to lead this country toward tribalism.

She called on Parliament seek way and urge government to remove all tents from the street as soon as possible.

Lawmaker Zekria Zekria said that demonstration and civil movement must be in a manner to support democracy.

Pointing to demonstrator demands, he said that demands must be at level to be implemented not as much as big to lead to new challenges.

Legislator Robaba Parwani said that “people are harmed enough due to protest tents in Kabul city, they must be removed from the street soon.”

She said that some clusters only think that when he and his relative had good job, position and salary there is justice, otherwise will raise voice for justice.

She said that Afghan people have good experiences from parties in the past, they had no achievements, only they worked for the benefit of party and strengthen the party at cost of blood of poor people.

She said that if the tents not removed from Kabul city, Kabul will lead to street fighting.

We must not put finger over individuals, we must put finger on challenges, she added.

Wolesi Jirga Member Zahir Qadir said that unfortunately parties playing a kind of game in these days, and they declare different kinds of stance.

He urged all parties to avoid of announcing different stances and work for national interest.

Likewise Paktia residence on Saturday in a gathering announced strongly support from Afghan security forces and National Unity Government (NUG). They believed that there is no any alternative to replace current government.

It is pertained to mention that hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of downtown Kabul on Friday in a bid to march on the Presidential Palace. They had been protesting against Wednesday’s massive truck bomb in the city that killed over 150 people. Protestors blaming security officials with failure in security reinforcement and were seeking their resignation.

Demonstrator established strike tents on the street in different part of Kabul city, which created huge traffic jam and caused a matter of concern for people.

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