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Social integration is only remedy to overcome current crisis: Rana Think Tank

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Experts participating in the Rana Think Tank monthly session on Monday expressed concerns over current crisis, calling social integration the only remedy to lead the country toward stability and development.

Political and social experts who participated in the Think Tank monthly session, said that discord, nepotism and sectarianism are the main factors behind all crisis across the country. They believed that in the past four decades Afghans are involved in conflict under the pretext of tribalism, sectarianism, language, religion and party significant. Most of the enemies used the mentioned issues as tools and fun the flame of war in the country. No policy have been drafted in the past three decades to work over social integration, thus it is essential to the Afghan government and national figures to work of social integration in order to reach to a prosperous Afghanistan, experts suggested.

“Afghanistan is a multi-cultural and multi-language country, thus opportunity should be used in positive ways,” said Social and Human Rights Expert Hadi Mehran.

He said that multi culture must be used as a positive tool to lead the country toward development.

“Afghanistan needs social integration, Bamyan people must be mixed with Kandahar, similar Kandahar to Bamyan,” he insisted.

Nationalism emotion must be boosted up among people, he added.

The emotion of patriotism must be strengthened among people, we should not think only about our home, we must consider and thinks about the whole country, he claimed.

He came up with an example said that “ in Wazir Akbar Khan people have built big luxury houses but in front of his house is dusty street, so it is essential to motivate people think about streets.”

Since decades people have left separately based on sectarianism and tribalism, which this issue lead the country toward discord, he mentioned.

He said that we must start from home to school, from school to university and to work area to integrate Afghan tribes back and lead them toward nationalism and unity.

He emphasized that the government must draft a policy to work over children, to they grew up as an Afghan not as a Tajik, Pashtoon, Hazara, Uzbek and etc.

“We must train each Afghan to think about who Afghanistan and consider Badakhshan, Kandahar, Bamyan or other provinces challenges all national challenge,” he noted.

Never strangers will help Afghanistan to reach to self-reliance, only Afghans through unity can lead this country toward development and durable stability, he underlined.

Professor Jamdar said that till date Afghan society not politicized and political not supported by powerful cluster solving social issue is impossible.

Another Expert Mr. Safai government must work to force all people to learn the two official languages of Pashto and Dari, even understanding of the two languages should be a condition for working in governmental administration in order to foster national unity.

He said that Afghan people had the emotion of nationalism and patriotism, but after occupying of the country by invaders this idea eliminated among people.

Pointing to National Unity Government he said that this not a real National Unity Administration, adding that no one from NUG criticized US bombing attack in Achin.

Head of Regional Studies Center of Afghanistan Rafiullah Niazisaid that besides mobilizing people toward nationalism, government must have a clear definition for national interests.

He highlighted that we must create the nationalism emotion among people and motivates them to consider any part of the country tragedy his/her own tragedy.

Afghanistan also need to reach to developed and stable economic in order to boost up unity, he added.

Ex-Kabul governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa said that discord flame fueling by education and high education people including officials in Universities and governmental organs, so government must concentrate and root out the issue from governmental organs.

He said that rural areas are away of discrimination and discord, adding that farmers and shopkeepers know nothing regarding discord, whatever is doing in the aspect is behind high educated people.

He claimed that nepotism culture is mostly fuelling and committing by officials and high educated people in administration and universities than rural areas.

University Teacher Pashtana said that nationalism and patriotism must be preached from school and during university funning the flame of discord should be considered as crime.

She said that a subject under the title of “nationalism and patriotism” must be taught at school for children till graduation in order to lead them toward unity.

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