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Soldier starves to death in Taliban captivity

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KABUL: Nazrollah, an army soldier taken hostage by Taliban in Kunduz province, died as he was too weak of starvation after being released.

Nazrollah’s family said Sunday that he was kidnapped on the last days of the holy month of Ramadan and was released on the second day of Eid (Monday) as the result of a prisoner swap.

According to Nazrollah’s brother, Sebghatollah, he was sick when taken hostage.

Nazrollah is from Badakhshan province and wanted to go to Kunduz for medical treatment but was kidnapped by Taliban on his way to Kunduz.

He was tortured and kept hungry during abduction, according to his brother.

Sebghatollah says that his brother was tied by heavy chains and they had no hope for his life.

Sayed Hafizollah Fetrat, head of regional human rights commission called torture of Nazrollah by Taliban as an inhumane crime, urging that war parties should observe humanism with their captives.

Taliban did not comment in response. A video was released earlier by the insurgents in which the militants were addressing the captives that they would not be tortured and would enjoy all human rights.

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