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Sovereignty matters: Karzai’s office hits back at Pakistan’s interior minister

KABUL: Pakistan’s interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali in an interview with Fars News Agency (FNA) said that their security forces in coordination with NATO and Afghan government have conducted military operations inside Afghanistan.

His remarks have upped concerns of the people of Afghanistan and they look curious to know how much reality has been there in Chaudhry’s remarks. A press release issued by the office of ex-President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, here on Thursday, said that if Chaudhry’s words have anything with reality, then Pakistan has committed a blatant act of aggression against Afghanistan.

The United States and NATO troops are here in Afghanistan with mandate from the United Nations, but how could Pakistan’s military forces could do operations inside Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan ask as they consider it a biggest question mark on their country’s sovereignty and independence.

The statement adds that Afghans have suffered much at the hands of Pakistan for its interventions into internal affairs of Afghanistan.

“Interventions of other countries in internal affairs of Afghanistan, and violation of its sovereignty is disrespect to our independence which is highly intolerable,” the statement adds. “Whenever Afghanistan has been attacked by others, all Afghans have responded them with a tit-for-tat reply,” the statement adds. The statement quotes Karzai as saying: “as a citizen of Afghanistan I will carry out my own research into the matter to find out how much fact is there in Chaudhry’s remarks and I will share the information with the people of Afghanistan.”

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