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Special operations planned to get rid of militants: NDS

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: In a bid to assure the lawmakers of improved security in the near future, Chief of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Rahmatullah Nabil on Saturday told Wolesi Jirga that special operations would be conducted within next six months to clear restive parts of the country from insurgents.

Disturbed by the constant news of insecurity and fall of different districts to the Taliban insurgents, the Wolesi Jirga or Lower House of the Parliament has decided to summon the NDS chief, the minister of interior Noorul Haq Ulomi, and the deputy of chief of army staff Gen. Afzal Aman. The high-ranking security officials appeared in the Wolesi Jirga on Saturday to brief the MPs over security situation and the Monday’s attack on Afghan parliament.

The NDS in coordination with other security organizations have planned to target and destroy the militants’ centers in every parts of the country, Nabil said, adding that key insurgent leaders would be killed in order to dismantle the rebel groups.

Regarding the government’s policy on Daesh, the NDS chief said that there is no difference between the Taliban and Islamic States, as both are anti-Afghanistan forces.

He confirmed that Daesh has presence in Nangarhar province. However, he assured of neutralizing the multinational terror group, claiming that several Islamic State fighters were arrested.

Speaking about the NDS-ISI deal, Nabil said the agreement was not implementable unless signed and finalized by him. “I have not signed the agreement with Islamabad [ISI],” he said.

The spymaster added that the agreement would be shared with different groups in the country before inking in order to build consensus. Nabil further said that they are authorized to reject or approve the agreement.

Few days ago, the former education minister Farooq Wardak alleged that nearly $70 million was taken as bribe by a few Afghan security officials to strike the NDS-ISI deal.

However, the NDS chief rejected the allegations and told the legislators that no one has taken money under the table to support the agreement between spy agencies of the two countries.

The insurgents entered into Afghanistan in order to create challenges for the National Unity Government (NUG) because Islamabad has launched military operations against the Taliban in North Waziristan, said Noorul Haq Ulomi.

“But the enemies cannot capture any province security forces are ready to launch well-coordinated operations against insurgents,” he said. The minister acknowledged lack of coordination among the security agencies.

Ill-equipped air force and lack of landmines’ defusing tools were other key challenges that were underlined by the interior minister. He lamented that pledged facilities have not been received and the security forces were short of aircrafts and heavy weapons.

The terrorists and their supporters have launched multiple and large-scale offensives in the past four months, said Afzal Aman.

He said the Afghan National Army (ANA) has launched various operations in different parts of the country. Aman said that militants could not capture strategic points.

In a meeting with lawmakers, representing Ghazni province, President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday said that special, continued or durable, and clearance operations have been planned to eliminate militants and establish writ of the government in restive parts of the country.

Ghani said that for the first time, the government has chalked out a comprehensive war strategy and divided districts into different categories based on the security status.

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