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Stable Afghanistan imperative for regional peace: Balkh’s governor

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The acting governor of northern Balkh province said that the neighboring countries would enjoy peace if Afghanistan was stable, and those political players who are deceiving Afghans would fall in their own trap.

Ata Mohammad Noor in an interview with Rohit E David said that Afghans are a very hospitable people. They treat all neighbors in a good and respectful way. “We hope that intentions change to good and positive, so that we can all share mutual cooperation. Afghans are very smart too – they differentiate good from bad. Whoever treats us well will be respected – those who deceive us will finally fall in their own trap,” Noor said.

When asked that whether it is clear now that Pakistan encourages extremism in both Afghanistan and India, the governor said that extremism has very deep roots in the region. “Both these countries today are victims of this – but extremism isn’t for the benefit of any country. It finally eats at the roots of its own motherland.”

Responding to another question, the governor said: “I have always emphasized that a stable and secure Afghanistan will require friendly cooperation from its neighbors – it’s sad that due to many reasons, we haven’t been enjoying that kind of friendly and healthy cooperation from Pakistan. However, we are hoping that the recent trilateral talks would have an outcome. Even though it might be difficult to trust, I do believe we need to convince our neighbors that they can only enjoy peace if Afghanistan is secure. A stable Afghanistan is a stable Pakistan and India.”

He furthered that India’s presence in the war-devastated country is based on a mutual contract. The safety of Indian diplomats and diplomats of other countries is top priority of the Afghan government. “I deemed it my own responsibility to take arms, go out and defend our Indian brothers during a bad moment. I am personally not the sort of person who sits behind my desk, within locked doors, leading operations. I am a man of action and I was at the scene five minutes from the incident starting. I helped with coordination that resulted in finishing all the insurgents with very low casualties to civilians or military,” he added.

He told that Afghans have a message of peace and solidarity for their Indian brothers and sisters. The acting governor said that Afghanistan would stand beside India in good and bad times.


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