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State-building process failed in Afghanistan: Spanta

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Former security advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta said that state-building process has failed in Afghanistan, urging powerful countries are strengthening ties with Taliban instead of the government.

Giving good faces for Taliban by both the pervious and the current governments caused the international countries to legitimate Taliban and start negotiation.

“State-building process failed in Afghanistan, there is no unity among the International countries for Afghanistan, Taliban were more united on defending the Government project, there is hypocrisy international arena, Russia calls Taliban as political movement, Obama does not behave against Taliban as terrorists,” Spanta said.

A question raises that who has opened the gate for the World beasts to recognize Taliban as legitimate political movement?

“Obscenity of Taliban by our leaders has been followed regularly since 14 years, this has caused that the International countries recognize Taliban as legitimate political movement.”

Further he went on and said: “the governmental sources are drumming for Daesh trying to introduce Afghanistan as the safe haven for the region, to have Taliban stood against Daesh threats.”

Meanwhile, deputy president spokesman Shah Hussien Murtzavi, said, that the national unity government legitimacy is coming from the Afghan votes, Afghan government is having huge international consensus with, all the countries in the world without Pakistan is supporting Afghan Government, the Brussels and Warsa summits are the important indicators of having International supports.”

In the following session the National Unity Government was announced out of legitimacy, laws breaker and it was declared as good tool for supporting Iran, Russia and the US from Taliban group in Afghanistan.

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