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Sticky Bombs and Criminal Incidents Paralyze Life in Kabul

Unfortunately, the streets of Kabul, the capital city, are being rocked by a spike in roadside violence and other forms of criminal incidents. Magnetic explosives known as sticky bombs are being placed on the cars of government officials, civil society workers, and journalists, take high toll from the young generation. These deadly trends have really made a climax of terror and helplessness for the country’s new generation who hardly work for a better future. The young and educated Afghans, who are definitely tomorrow’s leader, are being murdered at their doorsteps, or on their way to their offices by targeting their vehicles or being killed by the bullets of unknown gunmen. Five people have lost their lives in Kabul, while two Afghan National Army Female personnel were gun downed by unknown gunmen in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city of Balkh province – seven people in just 24 hours. Prior to that, three people, including Zia Wadan, a spokesman for the Public Protection Forces, were killed after a stick bomb attached to his vehicle went off in PD 8th of Kabul. Sadly, it becomes a daily routine now. There is hardly to have a day without an IED blast. In the wake of targeted killings and rise in the sticky bombs, the Afghan government blamed the Taliban for plotting the latest blasts to have leverage on the table of talks. The Taliban not only ruled out its involvement, but in a lengthy statement accused anti-peace elements that are undermining the current negotiation for a political settlement via a wave of violence. However, with spikes in such attacks, a climate of mistrust has fully roofed the city, where the people are very scared and deemed it fit to work from home to escape the undeclared war against media, and civil society workers. Even judges, doctors and prosecutors are now a target, but they can’t work from home, like the members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. The Afghan government and the International Community is actually failing in protecting these lives of amazing young generation from these unclaimed assassination schemes. Unfortunately, as citizens of this country, we see a clear failure of the government in terms of protecting the young lives and the security agencies continue to fail to prevent these attacks. But it comes in a very critical time when there is hope that talks in Doha will actually put an end to the bloodshed of the Afghans. Poorly, the second phase of the intra-Afghan talks is yet to be resumed as it was fixed for 5th January. Delay in talks considered more war, carnage and obviously more life loss of the Afghans.

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