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Still 80pc of Afghan women suffer from violence: UNFPA

AT-KABUL: The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on Sunday said that still 80 percent of Afghan women experience or has experienced at least a type of violence in Afghanistan during their lives.

After a research by global rights in 2008 showed 87 percent of Afghan women that had faced at least one form of abuse in their lifetimes today UNFPA also confirmed that still 80 percent of Afghan women experience or has experienced during her life a type of violence in Afghanistan. Despite running different projects, violence is not yet decreased as expected in Afghanistan.

Eighty percent of women in Afghanistan suffer or has suffered from a type of violence, thus it is required of every individual to work for elimination of violence in the country, said Deputy Country Representative for UNFPA Mateen Shaheen.

Speaking at a press conference titled National conference on health sector response to gender- based violence in Afghanistan, he said, we are working with different organs and Ministry of health to tackle the issue in Afghanistan.

Deputy Minister for Public Health Ahmad Jan Naeem, said that “8,188 cases of gender-based violence have been registered by the ministry of public health across the country”.

He said that 2,806 cases were physical violence, 3,470 mental sensitivity, 1,207 lack of access to resources, 403 forced marriages, 166 sexual assaults and 136 sexual harassments against women.

“The public health ministry considering gender equality has run medical care programs every hook in the country,” he added.

As mother mortality rate is high in the country, health ministry in its strategy put on top agenda women health, he claimed.

According to Ministry of Public health gender-based violence is the most prevalent breach of human rights and estimated that one woman out of each three women suffer from physical and sexual harassment, but violence is higher against women and girls in Afghanistan than most of the countries in the world.

Four women out of every five ones suffer from a type of violence throughout the country.

Member of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament Shah Gul Rezai, said that despite achievements and measure against violence, still Afghan women faced to different type of violence across the country.

She said that efforts was no sufficient against violence against women, thus it is required of relevant organs to deeply assess the issue and seek outgoing ways.

Still rural women have no access to justice in rural areas, which need addressed, she underlined.

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