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Still no suspected cases of coronavirus in Badakhshan

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KABUL: Northern Badakhshan province still does not have any suspected cases of the novel coronavirus, provincial health director said – a surety that came from findings of mobile health teams dispatched in 7 districts bordering Tajikistan.

This is two days ago, authorities had said that borders to Tajikistan and China have been closed – temporary measures taken in response to the virus.

The Director of Health in Badakhshan, Noor Khawari, said ten children in Yamgan district had contracted respiratory diseases, 5 of whom have died. He said four health teams have been sent to the district.

Common border markets with Tajikistan – in Sheghnan, Ishkashem and Nasi districts – have been shut down; but the border is open for travelers, he said. But there has been no border travels with China through Badakhshan province.

“Just over the past 20 days, five children have died of respiratory diseases in Yamgan district, but the outbreak of that disease has been stopped by our health teams,” Khawari said.

This is as provincial councilman Bashir Samim expressed his reservations about the spread of coronavirus, given shared borders with China and transit routes with Tajikistan through 7 districts. He called on health authorities to pay heed to the gravity of the situation and the threat that looms over Badakhshan province.

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