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‘Stop Pakistan from fencing Durand Line’

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Provincial Council (PC) of eastern Nangarhar province on Sunday called on the unity government to stop Pakistan from fencing the so-called Duran Line.

“If the government did not take action in the next 10 days, they would confront the Pakistani aggression with the help of masses,” the public representatives warned. They said the government would be responsible for any mishap.

Speaking in a press conference along with other local representatives, PC Head, Ahmad Ali Hazrat said Pakistan’s security forces have been engaged fencing the Durand Line in Shalman, Torkham and Dur Baba district.

Zabihullah Zmarai, secretary of the PC, said the Afghan nation had neither accepted the Durand Line as an international border between the two countries nor would accept fencing of it.

He also predicted public reaction if the unity government did not take action against Pakistan’s unilateral fencing of the Durand Line.

Naser Kamawal, another PC member, alleged the Afghan government had struck deal on the issue behind the curtains and asked why the government had adopted silence.

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