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Stop US from testing weapons: Protestors

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL:  A number of Kabul residents took out the streets on Sunday to give vent to their anger over US aerial bombing in Nangarhar province, terming the bombing against sovereignty of the country.

The demonstration was organized bySolidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) in Kabul against US forces bombing attack in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province.

Over hundred members of the SPA including male and female came out to the Shahr-e-Naw Parkand condemned the US bombing in the strongest possible terms in Achin district, a statement from SPA said.

To target what the military described as a “tunnel complex” used by the Daesh affiliate in Nangarhar, the US force the first time used what the military colloquially calls the “mother of all bombs,” the GBU-43/B.

Top US general to Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson recently has said that US forces in Afghanistan conducted an airstrike against ISIS-K complex in Achin district Nangarhar province on Thursday and targeted Daesh hideout by GBU43 the biggest un-nuclear bomb.

According to report at least 94 Daesh fighters including four commanders have been killed in the bombing on Thursday evening.

At the same time, this bombing has met mixed reaction among Afghan commoners and politicians.

“Testing of weapons by US forces in Afghanistan is a crime,” the protestors were chanting. They also termed US as a main factor behind war in the country. “Our silence is a biggest shame; we have to stand against such bombing.”

The protestors were also carrying placard read as “the US government is the biggest terrorist of the world, those who allowed testing of MOAB to US government are criminals and should be trailed as national traitors. Stop the meddling of US and its minions in Afghanistan.”

“Our homeland day by day moving toward retro-gradation in worldwide competition of east and west,” Spokesperson for the SPA,SelaiGhafar said during protest.

She added that the occupiers under the name of fighting terrorism entered and changed our homeland as graveyard of defenseless people.

Criticizing US bombing attack in Achin district, she called on people to stand jointly and stop destroying of our country from competition of east and west weapons.

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