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‘Stray dogs kill 150 people annually’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Kabul Municipality (KM) on Sunday said that 100-150 people are losing lives by biting of stray and mad dogs annually across the country.

“Mad and stray dogs spread rabies via biting, which is not too simple to be cured and it causes death to 100-150 people in various parts of the country annually,” said Deputy of Kabul Municipality, Masihullah Mahbob.

In order to safe people from this threat, Kabul Municipality had signed an agreement with the Mayhew Animal Home Association, he added.

Moreover, he said that based on agreement, municipality in collaboration with the Mayhew Animal Home Association would put every available efforts to vaccine stray dogs aimed at reducing rabies threat for Kabul residents.

In the second step, the team will strive hard to collect dogs and vaccinate them in order to prevent increase of stray and stray dogs in the city.

“Kabul Municipality and the association would jointly focus to educate people over the threat,” he asserted.

Mayhew Animal Home Association Project Manager, Abdul Jalil Mohammadzai, said vaccines drops for stray dogs would be imported from our time-tested friend country, India.

Although, he did not give further details about the budget of this project, however, hinted that the vaccine would cost high.

Moreover, the residents of capital city, complained over presence of stray dogs in streets that created obstacles against their daily work.

They claimed that the authorities are not doing enough to address health’s threats, posing by stray and stray dogs in Kabul city.

A resident of Kabul city, Mahmood called on relevant organs to cope with the threat and prevent human loses that cause with the rabies of dogs.



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