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Study culture propagation drive launched

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: Afghanistan 3rd Trend, a nonprofit organization, in cooperation with print media of the country on Wednesday launched a public awareness campaign to promote study culture in Kabul.

The drive was aimed to encourage the young people to discover that books are best friends and great source of knowledge and wisdom.

The campaign was kicked off in front of the Kabul University. Magazines, newspapers, brochures and books were distributed free of cost among hundreds of students and others.

This was the first ever public awareness campaign about promotion of reading culture in Kabul where tens of print media outlets took part and distributed leaflets, aimed at boosting the ready culture.

Afghanistan Times, Daily Dunia, and Kabulscape had momentous portion in the campaign for promotion of study culture.

Studying books play significant role in social life of a person. It upraises knowledge and improves the character of readers. But as it seems, despite activities of hundreds of publication houses in the country, still the study culture has not been promoted.

Political Chief of Afghanistan 3rd Trend, Shagha, said that three decades of conflicts affected all people and made them tired to studying books.

He said that poverty, insecurity and unemployment are the main challenges before public that prevented the youth generation from embracing books.

“We initiated the public awareness campaign to flourish the study culture through distribution of free newspapers, magazines and books on the streets, in the buses and residential areas. This can encourage youth to study books or at least read a newspaper,” he said.

He said that numerous private universities and schools have been established but reading culture has not been promoted.

Ahmad Nader, a resident of Kabul, welcomed the public awareness campaign and commended the organizers. He said the awareness drive would definitely advance the study culture in the country.

“Every book is a doorway to a hundred other doorways that allow us to see the world. Newspapers inform people about fresh events happening in our surroundings,” he said.

Nargis Farkhri, 22-year girl student, said that new technology such as internet and cell phones have spoiled the young generation as youth love to spend time on Facebook, Twitter and with mobile phones instead of reading books.

She said the television channels are telecasting films and drama serials that not only affect positive traditions but also waste time of young people.

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