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Stupefying a nation: President Ghani says he fixed the whole Afghanistan, did he?

President Ashraf Ghani had made an astonishing claim that he had fixed the whole Afghanistan. He repeated this, and asked the audience, didn’t he? “I fixed the whole Afghanistan, didn’t I? President asked the audience in a gathering in southeastern Paktika province. The participants had no choice but to agree on what president Ghani said or keep silence—many participants had remained shocked and silent. Only Loya Paktia is left behind from the fixing mythology of President Ghani, and the poor ministers and the delegates accompanying him had to nod.

His remarks earned harsh criticism by the Afghan people, and many took the social media as the best platform to vent their anger as the country is in a bad situation at the moment. President Ghani is living in illusion. War has been intensified, and the civilians are the prime victims of this war. Poverty has increased. Insecurity and joblessness had reached its peak. The peace process—the only hope toward reaching a political settlement with the Taliban, is turned into a complete impasse, and still the President says he fixed the whole country.

Having a look at the past several years under leadership of President Ghani – disunity has been triggered among the citizens – lack of a consensus between Ghani’s administration and top influential figures of our time is another big problem. Even President Ghani reelected through the most fraudulent election that was opposed by his main rival and current point-man for peace, Abdullah Abdullah. For the first time, two sworn-in ceremonies were held and were also disrupted by rockets firing.

President Ghani also thumped his chest for carrying some developmental projects such as dam constructions to provide electricity, air-corridors to make commercial ties with world countries, and many others. But none of them are properly managed or built.    

In 2019, President Ghani said that 45,000 to 50,000 Afghan soldiers were killed since he has become the leader of the country. We don’t need to focus more on what reality the President is living in, the truth is that his inaccurate and naïve decisions put Afghanistan in a fragile situation. Moreover, President Ghani created a range of inexperienced and young officials around himself, who always gave him wrong consultations about the formation of the government and his administration. President Ghani has ruined the state of unity which was built in the tenure of former President Hamid Karzai after hard work for unity and mobilization. Afghans engaged in ethnic variety’s tensions that pose serious threats to Afghanistan and may even lead the country to civil wars.

It is better for President Ghani to stop living inside the Presidential Palace only, and see the ground reality in the country. His advisors are telling him that everything is okay—this is worse Mr. President. Your book titled “how to fix a broken state” is a very nice theoretical book. But Sir, until now you have broken the state even more and only the rare circles close to you, have built up the bank accounts.

We can’t say that President Ghani has done nothing, but we can definitely say that he hasn’t done as enough as a President should do for his country. So better be saying, keep working, and let the success make noise, not you Mr. President.

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