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Successful certification of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System at FMIC

With determination and effective contribution of the French Medical Institute for mothers and Children (FMIC) staff, the institute was able to receive ISO 9001: 2008 certification for Quality Management System (QMS) of patient care and support services in March 2009. FMIC became the first health care organization in Afghanistan to receive this certificate.  Each passing year has upstretched the bar and expectation of the quality standards for FMIC with the vision of becoming a Centre of Excellence in Central Asia.

On April 2015 FMIC magnificently completed the Re-Certification Audit of ISO 9001:2008 by external audit by Vincotte International Middle East LLC.  The audit was carried out from April 12-14, and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) was valid up September 2018. French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC) has recently gone through an external audit for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS)-new standards by Q.A International UK based certification agency. The objectives of the audit were evaluation of the effective application of the certified quality management system, verification of the continuous conformity of the complete quality management system with the reference standards and evaluation of the ability of the management system to ensure the client organization meets applicable statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements against new ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards. After successful completion of audit, the certification agency concluded and announced the FMIC, ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified organization and granted certificate of registration on 11th September 2018.

We at FMIC believe that maintaining high quality is not a one-time event. Quality and patient safety must be ongoing and involve solid infrastructure that support change, adaptation and continuous improvement. FMIC is continuously striving to achieve Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation by year 2019, which will further improve quality and patient safety.

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