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Summary execution of a captive by militants irked Afghans

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KABUL: Afghans through social media have strongly condemned summary execution of a man by alleged Taliban fighters, after the video of the violent act went viral on social media on Wednesday.

The short video published on Facebook page showing alleged Taliban fighters shooting a man, apparently in his 40s, after a short conversation.

The man who is looking to be not in good health condition, having his head bandaged, answers few questions of the shooters before he was several times shot in his chest and other parts of the body.

The exact location and time of the shooting is still unclear.

Although, Taliban have not yet officially accepted or rejected the responsibility of the killing but most of Afghans attributed the act to the Taliban and condemned it.

Citizens showed concerns that the Taliban who are likely to start peace talks in coming weeks with Afghan politicians, have not changed their violent behavior against the citizens.

Although videos of such summary executions are common by the militants, but this video came to the spotlight in a time that people expect a political settlement with the Taliban with many analysts believing that Taliban have been gradually changed over the past years and shun most of their violent acts.

Such violent videos by militants are often aimed at to terrorize the public and show presence in the battlefield.

The human rights commission has expressed concerns in this regard and asked the judicial organs to pay serious attention to the violent act by the militants.

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