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Surge in violence spurs calls for ceasefire

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KABUL: The Amnesty International calls on the Afghan and Taliban negotiators to consider reduction of violence and ceasefire serious in during the peace talks.

Taliban, who were expected to stop attacks on Afghan forces and civilians after signing a peace deal with the United States in February, did not fulfill promises and intensified violence in different areas.

The Amnesty International calls on both Afghan and Taliban sides to be serious in reducing violence.

“We are greatly concerned over the expansion of violence in Afghanistan. We hope that the ongoing peace talks can help end of violence and civilian casualties. We specifically want the war sides to avoid any civilian casualties,” said Zaman Soltani, head of Amnesty International’s office in South Asia.

Abdullah Abdullah, head of reconciliation council had earlier said that the two negotiating teams in Qatar would start talking on “serious issues” on Wednesday. But the talks were apparently postponed for two days.

Abdullah said that the people of Afghanistan want cease fire, adding that continuing violence disappoints people and is the main obstacle on the road to peace.

“Taliban think they are close to their goals and will reestablish their Islamic Emirate once the American soldiers leave Afghanistan. They will get distance from their goal if they agree on the cease fire,”Hashem Wahdatyar, from Washington Institute said.

A UN report issued in October, said that violence was not reduced in Afghanistan.

It said that 2,100 civilians have been killed and another 3,800 injured since late September in Afghanistan.

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