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Swat people up against Pakistani army

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Hundreds of hundreds of Pashtun masses in Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa staged a big demonstration in Khwazakhela against the security forces of Pakistan, calling on Islamabad to quit its military installations and to put an end to the ongoing brutalities, inhuman treatment with residents on military check-posts and also to the human rights violations by the security forces in the area.

Following the death of a child on military check-post in Swat, as the military personnel did not allow him to reach the hospital for early treatment, has sparked anger and hatred against the Pakistan’s security forces in the area.

The demonstrators expressed their hatred and zero-tolerance against the fake military operations in Swat that have been resulting in sufferings of innocent people.

“The Pakistan’s army brutalities and inhuman treatment on military check-post with the locals of Swat has compelled the Pashtuns to raise voice.” Ghirat Khan, one among the leaders of protesters, was quoted by Mashaal Radio, as saying.

Commenting on the motives behind the protest he said, “Patients lose lives and pregnant women give birth to children on military check-posts, as they were not allowed to reach hospitals.”

Moreover, he said minor and major crimes of Pakistan’s security forces in the area are countless, resulting in insulting and demoralizing Pashtuns, adding the residents have decided to stand up and confront the barbarism and inhuman treatment by the Pakistan’s security forces.

Osman Wolasyar, a young poet and writer, a resident of Saidu Sharif among others also joined the protest against security forces in Khwazakhela. Describing the reason behind his participation in the protest, he said security forces inhuman treatment with Pashtuns is not tolerable and his family had harassed by security forces at a military check-post, situated in Shamozo, when they were travelling to Chakdara.

“I along with my family had persecuted and dishonored at a military check-post,” Wolasyar said.

Though, peaceful gathering and expression of opinion is the constitutional and humanitarian right of every individual, but the police force has registered terrorism cased against six leaders of the peaceful protest that included; Ghirat Khan—son of Mukhtiar Yousafzai—provincial president of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, headed by Mahmood Khan Achakzai under the Pakistan Penal Code’s sanctions, 7-9ATA.PP, 124A.186.341.189.147.149.

Police officials said the protesters were chanted slogans against the state of Pakistan and the country’s security forces. The protesters publically displayed Pakistan’s military involvement behind the ongoing terrorism.

The registration of terrorism cases against peaceful protesters have been widely condemned by a large number of politicians, civil society activists and human rights organizations.

Bushra Gohar, Awami National Party central Vice President and former Parliamentarian have strongly condemned the registration of terrorism cases against protesters.

“Strongly condemn the FIR registered against peaceful protesters in Swat. Sponsored violent Puppet Shows aren’t problem but peaceful Pashtun Long March for right to life and against humiliation at check-posts treated as act of terrorism. Peaceful protest is a constitutional right,” Bushra Gohar twitted.

Reacting to the issue, a Washington-based prominent feminist Habiba Ashna in her displayed message on twitter said, “FIR registered against peaceful protesters in Swat, unacceptable.”

Similarly, the Chief of Wolesi Tahreek Dr. Said Alam Mahsud strongly condemned the state of Pakistan for registering terrorism cases against peaceful protesters. He said, “We would not allow the state of Pakistan to punish peaceful people of Swat and urged the government to take the FIR back, adding, Pashtun Long March is coming to Swat.”

Similarly, Manzoor Pashteen, leader of Pashtun Protection Movement has also condemned the Pakistan’s army brutalities in Swat and called on the government to resolve the issues.

Manzoor Pashteen said Pashtun Protection Movement stands behind the Pashtuns in Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and endorse their demands.

Pashtuns in Pakistan have been suffering worst from state sponsored terrorism and militarism, racial profiling, target killing, enforced disappearances, fake military operations in Pashtun areas, and human rights violations by Pakistan’s security forces, while terrorists are still roaming and functioning freely across Pakistan. Pashtun youth has decided to quite dependency on the conventional Pashtun leadership and takes streets and roads for their rights and against state sponsored terrorism. Slogans of complete independence from Pakistan have been gaining popularity among the Pashtuns in Pakistan.

Since the killing of a young boy,  Naqeeb Mahsood from Waziristan in a fake police encounter in Karachi—capital of Sindh province Pashtuns masses in Pakistan have been holding big demonstrations against Pakistan’s security forces across the world. Last week, thousands of thousands people gathered in Landi Kotal area of Khyber Agency and staged a big protest against Pakistan’s forces presence in the area. The protesters called on Pakistan to withdraw its civil and military administration from FATA. Similarly, hundreds of hundred Pashtun masses held a protest in Sadda area of central Kurram Agency against the Pakistan’s security forces and decided a sit-in in Peshawar to be continued until Pakistan meets the demands.

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