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Tajikistan concerned over global security

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KABUL: President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon at the Opening Session of the High-Level Conference “International and Regional Cooperation on Countering Terrorism and Its Financing Through Illicit Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime, has said that extremist and radical groups are posing serious security threat to the world. 

Currently, the entire world community has been facing global security challenges and threats, which urge all of us to explore new ways of counteraction to them, he added.

“Indeed, ensuring sustained peace and security is a key and an important criteria to ensuring constructive process of sustainable development at the international and regional levels.” 

According to him today, millions of people in various corners of the world have faced the threat of wars and conflicts and terrorism and extremism as manifestation of this destructive phenomena, led to unfortunate political, social and moral consequences.

Operation of terrorist organizations and other extremist groups at the global level obtained a transnational nature and cover almost every economy of the world.

He added that currently, international terrorist and extremist attacks have been weakening international security pillars, posing instability in various regions of the globe, and threatening ordinary civilians.

“At present, international terrorist phenomena have been ever strengthening, which is a severe threat to the fortune of the globe.  Therefore, these days joint and targeted countering of first and foremost causes and roots of terrorism phenomena by states and nations, international organizations and communities gain a particular importance. In this regard, strengthening capacity of countries and their special forces for preventing and countering to terrorism and extremism is a priority issue,” he added.

He suggested that in addition to armed counteraction, it is also important to attach an utmost attention to addressing social and economic issues, which in some cases serve as the main cause of radicalization. In this context, it would be reasonable to establish effective cooperation and provide financial and technical support to countries fragile in counteraction to terrorism.

“Having paid attention to our region, I have to note that acts of extremist and radical groups also pose a severe threat to Central Asian states. They masque their evil objectives with religious and creed based slogans and thereby recruit their followers under the flag of struggle for social justice. However, in fact their objective is to change the secular regime of governance in the countries of the region, and they avail all possible approaches and means to gain the political power. Tajikistan, which has experienced devastating consequences of terrorism and extremism in its new history, is very well familiar with such undercover objectives of them,” he added.

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