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Takhar residents refer to Taliban for legal complaints

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KABUL: Some residents of northern Takhar province are favoring the Taliban commanders for resolving their legal-complains. Mohammad Azam, a resident of Dasht-e-Qala district said that he was struggling to solve his land sharing documents with his relatives in the government departments. However, his problem was not addressed due to poor management and corruption within the system.

He then brought up the issue to the Taliban, according to him. “We were forced to go to the Taliban. They treated us well and solved our issues in just ten days.”

“With the decision that Taliban made, both my cousin and I are satisfied,” he said. “We spent a lot of money on transportation and other things regarding our case in the government justice department.”

45 years old, Gulnazar Ahmadi, a resident of Taliqan district has voiced the same concern about the government departments due to corruption and negligence of the officials. “If you don’t have power in the government, no one asks about your situation here (justice system),” he said. “We are forced to go to the Taliban, when no one solves our problems here.”

Mohammad Azam, who writes complaint letters for the residents, said that he wrote more than 50 complaint letters of the people who refer their problems to the Taliban. “They themselves (Taliban) also have letter-writers. People state their problems to be solved by the Taliban,” he added.

A member of the Takhar provincial council said that government departments didn’t solve the problems of the people, thus they tried to go to the Taliban.

“Our concern is that people even from the areas under the government control refer their problems to the Taliban,” he added.

But provincial officials denied corruption and weak management in government departments, saying that the Taliban decisions were based on desert courts and had no fundamental basis.

“You know that the Taliban’s decisions are dessert decisions and they don’t have any fundamental basis,” he said. “They (Taliban) are the people who are not committed to any rule and value. They are people that don’t have education and knowledge; it is impossible that we would observe their decisions.”

Some members of the provincial council said that Taliban are active in almost 10 districts and reached some areas of the capital city. If the government didn’t pay attention to the issue, they said that the situation would be worse than now.

Translated from Radio Azadi

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