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Taliban abduct six civilians in Ghazni

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KABUL: The Taliban militants have taken six civilians hostage in Ghazni province, officials said Monday.

The people taken hostage are residents of the Jaghoori and Qara Bagh districts and the incident happened in Dasht area of Jaghoori, said Aref Bahonar, district governor for Jaghoori.

“Four of them were taken hostage while heading from Jaghoori to the provincial capital. The two others were moving from Kabul to Jaghoori,” Bahonar said.

He said that all of them are civilians and have been taken by men loyal to Maulavi Ayoub, Taliban’s shadow governor for Qara Bagh district.

According to Bahonar, militants loyal to Maulavi Moqim Taliban’s shadow governor for Jaghoori took eight people hostage and held them for a few hours before releasing.

The released people were handed to their families in the Abkho village.

Bahonar said that Taliban fighters have active presence on the road to Jaghoori and extort the vehicles that cause price of essentials jump in Jaghoori and Malestan.

Taliban have not yet commented on the abduction case.

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