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Taliban asked to let people under their control attend Loya Jirga

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KABUL: The head of the high peace council’s secretariat, Mohammed Umer Daudzai called on the Taliban to allow people living in the areas under their control to attend the consultative Loya Jirga planned to be held this month to discuss peace ways.

The Commission for Holding the Consultative Loya Jirga considers the participation of domestic and oversea Afghans’ representatives vital in the Jirga.

Talking to a press conference on Saturday Daudzai emphasized that as long as the Taliban consider Afghans and so they have the right to participate in the Jirga.

“We ask and request Taliban not to deprive those people who live in areas under their control from participating in the Loya Jirga. Let them elect their representatives for attending the Jirga, and we respect those representatives’ ideas and point of views,” he said.

The government invites people’s representatives from across the country on 29th April for participation in the Loya Jirga to consult over peace process.

The Jirga would be comprised of over 2,500 individuals from all over Afghanistan and would take three days long.

In charges of the Loya Jirga preparation commission says that women would include 30 percent of the participants in the Jirga.

The people’s representatives, provincial councils, political parties, civil society and some other aspects of people would be member of the consultative jirga.

According to Daudzai 1,750 members of the jirga would come from 34 provinces, while 750 others from different categories of individuals.

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