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Taliban Assure Biden of Sticking to US Peace Agreement

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KABUL: Taliban militants reiterated that they would remain committed to a peace deal they signed last week with the then US government. The assurance comes after the US new government was reported to have said it would review the deal.

Under the deal, the United States must pull all its soldiers out of Afghanistan by May and Taliban in return would cut ties with international terrorist organizations and would not let al-Qaeda or Daesh to threaten the US interests and its allies in Europe.

But Joe Biden who took office this week as the new president of the United States, seem to take a look at the deal. His National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have said to reassess the deal signed in February 2020 in Qatar.

The Biden administration wants to see if Taliban are really adherent to commitments in cutting relations with terrorist organizations, reduction of violence in Afghanistan and a real dialogue with the government of Afghanistan.

Taliban said in response that they did not violate the deal at all.

“We once again explain that implementing of every article of the agreement is better for all. We are committed to what had promised in the agreement and call on the other side to be adherent too,” Mohammad Naeem, Taliban’s political spokesman said Sunday.

Biden’s aides have warned to withdraw from the agreement if it refused to maintain the achievements gained in the past two decades in Afghanistan.

Officials in Afghanistan say that violence was not reduced and accuse Taliban of maintaining ties with al-Qaeda. Taliban have rejected the allegations.

Taliban negotiators are busy in second round of peace talks with a delegation from Afghanistan government, but Kabul seems hopeless to get results.

Hamdullah Moheb, national security advisor said on Sunday that Taliban do not want to make peace with the government. According to Moheb, the insurgents try to get the power by force.

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