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Taliban assures safety to Afghan interpreters post-withdrawal

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KABUL: The Taliban group assured safety to the Afghan staff who provide servicing as interpreters, guards and other titles to the foreign diplomats and U.S. led forces in Afghanistan after international troops exit.

The group cited the remarks in the wake of the U.S. and UK announcement of accelerating plans to evacuate the local Afghan workers who supported their troops and contractors in the war-torn- country.

“The Islamic Emirate would like to inform all the above people that they should show remorse for their past actions and must not engage in such activities in the future that amount to treason against Islam and the country,” the insurgent’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement on Monday. “But non should currently desert the country. The Islamic Emirate will not perturb them, but calls them to return to their normal lives and if they do have expertise in any field, to serve their country. They shall not be in any danger on our part.”

This comes as tens of Afghan local staffs fear about their uncertain future as the insurgents overran many districts across the country and violence remained unabatedly high.

The spokesman said that the group had once looked at them as its foe but as long as they had stopped working with the foreigners, “they will not face any issue hence they should not remain fearful and should continue living a serene life in their own country.” 

The group also downplayed the fear of these Afghan workers as an excuse to bolster their fake asylum.

The U.S. President Joe Biden announced in April that all American troop would be exited from Afghanistan by September 11. The NATO forces also joined the U.S. withdrawal in a rapid series.

Expecting a dangerous outcome after Afghan pullout, the Australian government earlier closed its embassy in Kabul. The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison said he hoped the closure would be temporarily. The closure of the embassy left tens of Afghan workers- who also lost their jobs- in uncertainty.

But according to the U.S. officials, Washington has accelerated the evacuation process of the Afghan interpreter and worker.

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