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Taliban bar Kandahar officials from photographing living beings

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KABUL – Taliban authorities in Kandahar, the historic hub of Taliban activity, have issued a directive instructing officials not to capture photos or videos of “living things,” as reported on Sunday.

The provincial department of interior conveyed this order in a letter addressed to civil and military personnel, urging them to abstain from photographing living beings during both formal and informal gatherings, citing potential harm.

While text and audio documentation of official activities remain permissible, the directive reflects a cultural aversion to depicting humans and animals, consistent with Islamic artistic traditions.

Confirming the authenticity of the letter, a spokesperson for Kandahar’s governor affirmed its issuance.

However, the extent of enforcement and implementation of this order remains ambiguous, with no immediate response from Taliban government representatives to inquiries seeking clarification.

This directive evokes memories of the Taliban’s previous ban on television and imagery during their rule from 1996 to 2001.

Since the resurgence of Taliban authority over two years ago, many media outlets have voluntarily refrained from showcasing images of individuals and animals.

Despite this, central government departments continue to distribute visual content depicting senior officials engaging with foreign dignitaries.

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