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Taliban blamed for 251 civilian casualties

Insurgents have killed and injured hundreds of civilians in 575 offensives just in 2 weeks

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Kabul: Afghan government said Wednesday over 251 civilians have been killed or wounded in hundreds of attacks by the Taliban over the last two weeks.

In the past 15 days, the Taliban killed and injured 251 civilians in 575 bombings and suicide attacks, said Tareq Aryan Interior Ministry spokesman.

The insurgents carried out 575 offensives including 92 IED attacks and six suicide attacks against civilians and security forces, killing and injuring 251 civilians

In Helmand alone, two suicide bombings and 72 raids occurred amid deadly clashes which have led to displacement of 5,000 families and substantial collateral damage, said Aryan.

Helmand province, which borders Pakistan, is a rebel stronghold and its vast landscapes are used for mass opium cultivation which is the main source of the Taliban financing.

“In response to attacks in Helmand, Afghan forces while maintaining a posture of defensive offense killed around 80 Taliban,” he added.

The uptick in violence is at odds with the US-Taliban deal, as the militants continue to give the cold shoulder to repetitive calls for ceasefire. It comes amid resumption of peace talks Afghanistan and the Taliban. The Afghan people expect reduction of violence and ceasefire amid ongoing peace talks in the country.

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