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Taliban bomber kills 14, injures 145 amid progress in peace talks

Targeting civilians indicate failures of Taliban in battlefields

Taliban’s intensification of war is great barrier ahead of peace

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: At least 14 people have died and nearly 150 others, mostly civilians, including women and children, received injuries after a Taliban car bomber targeted a police station in western part of Kabul city on Wends day morning. The explosion sent a large cloud of smoke into the sky and it was too heavy that felt in far areas of Kabul city.

The Taliban group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack amid ongoing peace talks with reports of excellent progress between US peace envoy and the Taliban negotiation members to find a political settlement to the long years of conflict in Afghanistan.

The car bombing rocked Kabul city and shuttered windows of most of the nearby houses.

Taliban carried deadly attack while peace negation between US envoy and Taliban negotiation team entered in its eight rounds. Progress has been recount from these talks, but the Afghan people still at war and rendering sacrifices in daily basis, even more violence and bloody incidents happened in Kabul, and across the country. 

Spokesman for Ministry of Interior, Nasrat Rahimi said an explosive-borne vehicle went off in the first check point of 6th Police Station in western part of Kabul at around 9:04am local time on Wednesday.

“14 people were killed, 145 received, mostly civilians wounded in Kabul terrorist attack,” said Security Deputy of Ministry of Interior, Khoshal Sadat.

In a joint press conference with President Ghani’s Spokesman, Sediq Seddiqi, Mr. Sadat said Taliban failed in their spring offensive and turned to attack cities and public areas in a bid to hide their failure in battlegrounds.

Taliban fighter via Al-Fath spring offensive has tired to overrun districts and provinces to have upper hand in peace talks with the US, he said, adding, the Taliban group failed in their nefarious designs.

4,761 Taliban fighters have been killed since beginning of this year till today, he said, adding Afghan security forces changed their tactics of war that proved more successful.

Targeting of civilians is an easy task, but not an achievement at all, he said, and called on Taliban group to must know that Afghan forces would target them and their suppliers.  “The Taliban won’t be winner at the end of the day.”

President Ghani’s Spokesman, Sediq Seddiqi said that each attack of Taliban on civilians is a barrier ahead of peace.  “Still their hand (Taliban), is red with the bloods of innocent people.”

The government is not an obstacle ahead of peace, but its Taliban that sabotaging the peace process. “The Taliban group must immediately stop the killing of civilians, otherwise they will be killed like other fighters.”

“We want peace, but a dignify one to preserve the last year’s achievements,” he said, adding the government work together with the US how to end this war.

Furthermore, Spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, Wahidullah Mayar said “women and children are among wounded people”.

President Ashraf Ghani condemned the savage attack in Kabul, saying to take privileges in the peace talks, the Taliban conducting terrorist attacks over public institutions and civilians. 

Taliban by repeating such tragic and humanity crime not only can’t take privileges in peace negotiation, rather suppress by our brave security and defense forces in different part of the country, Presidential Palace said in a statement.

According to the statement, President Ghani expressed his deepest condolences with the martyred families and wished rapid recovery for wounded.

Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah in tweeter said; “I strongly condemn today’s terrorist attacks in Kabul. The terrorists aim to disrupt the presidential election campaign. We are committed to the democratic process and our resolve is unshakable. Instead of terrorist attacks, let us resolve our issues through negotiations.”

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