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Taliban capture Badakhshan district

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KABUL: After a 24-hour fighting between Taliban and national security and defense forces in the northeastern Badakhshan province,the militants captured the Arghanjkhowa district on Friday night, said local officials.

Nik Mohammad Nazari, provincial spokesman said that the security forces havetactically retreated from the district to avoid civilian casualties, but the fighting is still going on to push the insurgents back.

“Last night, the national security forces left the district center to avoid civilian casualties, they retreated from the center of the district, but the fight is still ongoing across the district’s office,” he said.

However he confirmed insurgents’ casualties in clash, didn’t provide details over their death toll.

He said that more than four security forces killed and four others wounded during clash.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Naji Nazari provincial council accused the local official for neglecting in their duty and falling of the district to the Taliban.

He said that the Arghnjkhwa district links 12 others districts to the capital city of the province.

“We have 12 martyrs in this clash, Taliban besieged the whole district, and they can block the path of 12 more district as Arghngkhwa and they can get close to the Faizabad city,” he said.

The falling of the district has worried the residents of the Faizabad the capital city of Badakhshan.

“Arghanjkhwa is one of the important district, it is linked with the Faizabad city, and also links 12 other districts to the capital city,” said Abdul Baseer Wasiq resident of the Faizabad city.

Arghanjkhwa is located by 35 km distance to the east of Faizabad and one of the insecure districts of Badakhshan.

Zabihullah Mojahid spokesman for the Taliban said that the Taliban have completely besieged the districts.

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