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Taliban say US behind IS-K and unrest in Afghanistan

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KABUL – Taliban’s governor of Kabul has made startling accusations against the United States, claiming that the US is behind the creation and training of Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K). The top Taliban official has asserted that the extremist group is, in fact, an American phenomenon, claiming he possesses documents proving the US’s involvement in nurturing Daesh.

Mohammad Qasim Khalid in an interview with Tolo News said the US intentions are to prevent Afghanistan from attaining stability, and they employ various tactics, including supporting and fostering groups like Daesh. However, he criticized the US for not providing substantial evidence to validate their claims of eliminating Daesh in Afghanistan, leading to lingering doubts about the actual status of the group.

The rise of the Islamic State-Khorasan (ISIS-K) in Afghanistan has been a significant concern since the Taliban took control of the country in 2021. The United Nations mission in Afghanistan reported that ISIS-K has expanded its influence to almost all provinces of Afghanistan. The group has intensified its violent activities, including suicide bombings, ambushes, and assassinations, with a total of 224 attacks claimed in Afghanistan since August 2021, 30 of which were considered significant.

Recently, a bomb blast during evening prayers in Kabul resulted in the death of 21 worshippers, including an influential cleric, while more than 30 others were injured. This tragic incident has brought renewed attention to the threat posed by Afghanistan’s Islamic State affiliate to the Taliban.

Amid these unsettling developments, the situation remains complex and requires continued vigilance and cooperation from all parties involved in Afghanistan’s future.

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