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Taliban collect 550m Afs in power bills annually: DABS

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KABUL: The Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat (DABS) on Wednesday claimed that the Taliban insurgent group collected about 550 million Afs on annual basis in power arrears of fives provinces. The sole power company also warned of facing crisis if 6 billion Afs unpaid bills were not cleared.

According to DABS Director Amanullah Ghalib, this sum of money was being amassed by the rebel group in 32 district of Faryab, Herat, Kunduz, Baghlan and Helmand provinces. “Collecting electricity bills in these districts is impossible for DABS due to the high security threats.”

Ghalib said the number districts where the militants had been collecting energy bills’ money had increased this year. “We have no choice but to consider this money as our revenue loss.”

Meanwhile, he further revealed that government organizations owed the power company 6 billion Afs in power bills this year. “Of the total amount, about 2.5 billion Afs belong to the ministries of interior and defense which have been defaulting on their bills.” 

If these bills were not cleared, the power company would suffer a great loss next year, he lamented. “We want the government to clearthese unpaid bills so that we don’t face an imminent bankruptcy.”

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