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Taliban commander killed 12 civilians in Farah


KABUL- A Taliban commander has opened fire and killed at least 12 civilians including six of his own family members in western Farah province of the country, officials said Monday.

The attacker, Muhammad Ali, who has been commander of a small group of the militants in Khak-e-Safid district of Farah province, opened fire and killed six of his own family members including children and women.

After a number of neighbors arrived in his house and tried to stop him, he turned his weapon against the neighbors and killed six of them as well, Muhibullah Muhib, spokesman for Farah Police Chief told Afghanistan Times.

“Police launched an investigation into the incident and we hope the suspect man to be detained soon” he said.

Three members of his family, who had been injured in the attack were taken to provincial hospital and they are now in stable health condition, the official said.

The exact reason behind the deadly incident is still unclear. “We still don’t know what had been the main reason behind the deadly act” Muhib said.

The area where the incident took place is under the Taliban control.

Farah is among the insecure provinces of the country where Taliban have active presence in several of its districts and part of the Farah city.

Last year Taliban briefly captured parts of the capital city of the province before to be driven back by the Afghan special forces with the air support of the foreign troops.

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