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Taliban, Daesh are not separate: Khalid

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KABUL: Afghan defense minister Asadullah Khalid said countries, including Pakistan that supporting terrorist groups to continue the flame of war in Afghanistan, should have realize that ‘terrorism has no boundaries’ and that it would engender them one day.

In an interview with VoA, Khalid said that Taliban and Daesh militant groups are not separate.

In regards to the allegation that Russia and Iran supporting Taliban, Khalid said terrorism has no boundaries. “If any one supporting Taliban because of the group’s hostility with Daesh, or us Taliban against the group, however, at the end of the day, there is no difference between them,” he added.

Minister Khalid did not explicitly say whether the Taliban receiving military support from Russia and Iran, but said they have relations – something Moscow and Tehran also did not reject.

According to him, regional courtiers would do a great mistake if support the Taliban, which according to him, is “mother of terrorism”.

This comes as recently US administration accused Russia of supporting Taliban group. Moreover, in the wake of peace talks with Taliban group, Daesh in Afghanistan is making clear that it stands to inherit the role of violent spoiler if any peace agreement is reached.

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