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Taliban deem US as obstacle to their international recognition

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KABUL – In a recent interview with an Arabic news channel, the Taliban’s defense minister, Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, expressed his frustration with the United States, claiming Washington hampers Taliban’s recognition on the global stage.

According to Mujahid, the Taliban have fulfilled all the necessary requirements for recognition as a legitimate government. However, some countries are still hesitant to recognize Afghanistan due to pressure from the United States. He urged nations free from American influence to acknowledge Afghanistan’s government, emphasizing that powerful Islamic countries have a vital role to play in this regard.

Yaqoob Mujahid also refuted any collaboration between the Taliban and the US in combating the Al-Qaeda network. He asserted that Al-Qaeda does not operate within Afghanistan’s borders and claimed that Biden’s acknowledgment of this fact was not an indication of any cooperation between the Taliban and the US. The defense minister emphasized that the Taliban stands independent of any foreign country’s support.

Mujahid further accused the US of violating Afghanistan’s airspace, appealing to Washington to respect the country’s independence and cease such actions. He expressed concerns over Afghanistan’s limited capability to respond to these violations, particularly when it comes to drone attacks, which the Taliban views as an infringement on its sovereignty.

In an effort to address international concerns and avoid isolation, Taliban government expressed readiness to engage with the global community. The recognition of Afghanistan by key Muslim nations, such as Saudi Arabia, could potentially pave the way for acceptance by a broader coalition of 58 Muslim countries, benefiting Afghanistan both in terms of security and other aspects.

This is as Taliban’s Ministry of Vice and Virtue recently announced a ban on women’s beauty salons. The ban was attributed to the salons’ failure to comply with guidelines provided by the ministry. The guidelines had been sent to the beauty salons four months earlier but were reportedly not implemented, leading to the prohibition.

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