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Taliban delegation visits China

Taliban are clutching at straws in their pursuit of regional recognition. But, their pretentious façade and their attention-seeking obsession can never vindicate their malice and the never-ending cascade of their horrendous crimes. Their atrocities are sending shockwaves across the world and they have already faced strong backlash. A handful of UN and US officials have warned Taliban will be isolated and ostracized if they continue their denial to cease their war and ride to power by force.

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KABUL: A nine-member Taliban delegation made a surprise visit to China on Wednesday and held meetings with senior Chinese officials, with the militant group vowing to never allow Afghanistan to be used as a launching pad for terrorist activities.

This is the first meeting between China and the Taliban amid the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan.

Taliban’s spokesperson Naeem Wardak in a tweet said that the delegation led by Mullah Ghani Baradar met the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang YI, deputy foreign minister and China’s special envoy for Afghanistan, and discussed the peace process, political, economic and security issues.

The Taliban delegation assured China that they would not allow terrorist groups to use Afghanistan against any country, he said, China also reiterated its commitment to continue their assistance with Afghans, saying they will not interfere in Afghanistan’s issues, but would help in achieving everlasting peace in the war-battered country.

The trip comes as Taliban have intensified their attacks across Afghanistan, claiming to have captured more than 100 districts including, Wakhan a key district in northern Badakhshan province bordering China.

Earlier this month, the Taliban delegation led by Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai paid a visit to Iran, met senior Iranian officials and the Afghan government delegation.

Taliban delegation commenced their regional trips, visiting four countries in the past one month, aimed at discussing the peace process and issues related to security and to seek regional recognition regionally, but Taliban would be isolated by internationally if they did not stop the war, warned Deborah Lyons, the UN secretary general’s special representative for Afghanistan.  Taliban war does not have legitimacy which takes the lives of innocent people every day.

Regional countries should not ignore the atrocities committed by Taliban in Afghanistan, whenever Taliban capture an area, like invading forces take people who either support or work with the government out of their homes and kill them.

China as a historical friend of Afghanistan must pressurize Pakistan to deny the safe heavens it provided to Taliban on its soil and force the group to sit for peace talks with the Afghan government, both countries can play important role to promote peace talks. China may look Taliban as an indispensable player in Afghanistan, but should realize the fact that the continuation of the current war by the Taliban would pave the way for the emergence of other terrorists’ groups in the north of Afghanistan where these groups would pose security threats to China.

The intensification of violence and the Taliban increasing offensive to capture more districts has concerned Chinese officials that the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), fighters from China’s volatile Xinjiang province, will pose threats to China security.

According to a recent report by UN, hundreds of ETIM fighters have gathered in northern Badakhshan province bordering Xinjiang province.

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