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Taliban deny claims of seeking nuclear weapons amidst U.S. concerns

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KABUL – The Taliban have rejected allegations regarding their efforts to access nuclear weapons. The denial comes in response to concerns raised by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, which expressed worries about the group’s purported attempts to acquire nuclear capabilities.

A U.S. representative revealed that there are suspicions of the Taliban seeking nuclear weapons from North Korea and Pakistan. The committee further accused the group of providing a safe haven for al-Qaeda, selling U.S. equipment to terrorist organizations, and engaging in activities such as stealing humanitarian aid. Additionally, concerns were raised about the potential handover of the Bagram Air Base to China, and the relocation of Taliban intelligence officials within the United Nations.

Suhail Shaheen, head of Taliban’s political office, categorically denied these allegations, emphasizing that the Taliban’s focus is on repairing weapons left behind by foreign forces in Afghanistan over the past two decades of war.

Earlier, a U.S. congressman questioned Thomas West, the U.S. representative for Afghanistan, regarding a Taliban envoy’s alleged visit to North Korea for the purpose of accessing nuclear weapons. Shaheen dismissed these claims as “baseless,” asserting that the Islamic Emirate is not engaged in a race for nuclear weapons but rather concentrating on the restoration of existing armaments.

Zabiullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, reaffirmed that Kabul has never engaged in negotiations about obtaining weapons with any country. He stated that the Taliban forces possess sufficient munitions, reinforcing the group’s commitment to maintaining stability in the region without resorting to nuclear pursuits.

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